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Are you drinking enough water?

What if you don’t drink enough water? Dehydration can be a serious issue, and even the early signs of it have unfortunate effects. Are you cranky? Tired? Now think: have you had enough water lately?

How much water do YOU drink each day?

Dehydration is as simple as it sounds: your body doesn’t have enough water and fluids. In its most mild forms, you may be tired or irritable. Perhaps you have dry mouth. But as it gets more severe, it can cause dizziness, increase your heart rate, or lead to seizures. That’s a worst-case-scenario situation, but you can see how much your health can devolve without enough water.

Fortunately, prevention is simple: drink your water. The National Institute of Health offers some suggestions:

–  Even when you’re healthy, drink plenty of water throughout the day.
–  When it’s hot outside, drink more.
–  Always encourage a person who is sick, and thus more susceptible to dehydration, to drink plenty of fluids.

Pretty simple, huh? One of our surefire ways to keep hydrated is to never leave home without our favourite water bottle, always filled with water. Are you sipping soda or coffee throughout the day? Switch to water. Make a goal. For example, urge yourself to drink three full bottles of water during the work day. One in the morning, one during lunch, one as the day winds down.

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