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County will ask province to download portion of Hwy 33

Usually, municipalities complain when the province downloads responsibilities for roads but on Thursday Prince Edward County Council will discuss making a formal request to have a portion of Highway 33 transferred.

Hwy 33 near the traffic circle. Google Image

At the committee of the whole meeting, council is expected to approve a report requesting the Province of Ontario transfer ownership of about 1,800 metres of Highway 33 from the traffic circle to the outskirts of Picton near Cold Storage Road.

The transfer is to assist with development at the west end of Picton as land use, construction and development activity on land adjacent to provincial highways is controlled by the province.

The report to council indicates that municipal activities such as installing new infrastructure, land division and re-designation, lot development or subdivision design approval are all examples of areas where difficulties can arise having a provincial highway within the Picton urban boundary.

By having that portion of highway within the Picton urban area, the County also assumes road maintenance and upgrades, approving property access to the highway and development decisions or approvals abutting or accessing the highway.

The recommendation must be approved by the Minister of Transportation. Council meets at 1 p.m. at Shire Hall.

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  1. Susan says:

    Even more dangerous is sitting trying to turn left into Canadian Tire and near misses with traffic barrelling down behind you before they make a sudden shift to the right.

  2. james says:

    Perhaps at the same time, the north-side right-hand “lane to no-where” could be removed so that west-bound drivers on 33 have a safer option either to turn right into Home Hardware, continue west on 33 toward Bloomfield, or remain north on Cty 1.

    If people are not already aware of current options, they are suddenly funnelled into an “accident-waiting-to-happen” situation that causes them to cut off Bloomfield west-bound 33 traffic, or come full stop before the Home Hardware entrance. Whatever MTO engineer dreamed up the current design needs to return to studies.

  3. Emily says:

    The Jenkins property already has 1 if not 2 entrances to the Highway. Is the sale final? Is the Municipality orchestrating a sale? Is the Municipality involved in a private sale? Why is this information not public prior to any consideration of a download on ratepayers. We need facts and how our Municipality is involved.

  4. Chuck says:

    It seems the public have to once again speak up and provide Council the common sense approach for them to be able to make reasonable decisions. The vast majority of Council were supporting the downloading of farm taxes onto residential until the public got them thinking and reading the staff report that did not support it. Other municipalities negotiate Highway entrance/exits all the time and don’t make grandeous gestures to the media asking for a download on the ratepayers. And who is the developer and where is their role and responsibility in this? Let’s stop the grandstanding and get thinking smart.

  5. Paul Cole says:

    It seems ridiculous to be asking for more roads to maintain when they can’t maintain the roads they already have.

  6. Gary says:

    The last I heard they were trying to negotiate an entrance/exit with MTO. That would make a whole lot more sense than downloading that stretch of highway on the Municipality. I don’t get it. How did all the homes on Hwy 62 north of Ben Gill road get entrances? Sit down with MTO and work it out. Get Smith on it.

  7. Dennis Fox says:

    Does anyone know how the Mayor’s meeting with the Province went re: negotiating Hwy 33 into municipal ownership? Does anyone know who the developer is?

  8. wevil says:

    who is the developer interested building 350 homes on the jenkins farm good farm land will our water and waste water plants handle this or will it fall back on the current users coucil how about some answers

  9. Fred says:

    I really hope they know what they are doing unlike the farm tax circus. Is there a firm subdivision deal in place? Who is going to buy these 350 homes with the water rate crisis and talk of ballooning connection charges. I am hard pressed to support taking on more roads when we can’t manage what we have.

  10. ADJ says:

    I think the County would welcome a Tent City right about now if it meant a sewer/water hookup fee. Desperate to pay down the debt on the “pea-U with a view” plant.
    That proposed redeveloped farmland won’t be paying the increased tax rate either as it will be rezoned. The Council must be expecting a big influx of newbies.Retirees? Snowbirds? Good bet it won’t be working families!

  11. hockeynan says:

    Why not let the developer look after the entrance on to the highway

  12. Sue3 says:

    Just curious, but is there actually a demand for another 350 homes? Didn’t we just hear about the county population decreasing?

  13. Susan says:

    You then like taking over those road maintenance costs? Like we don’t have a enough

  14. Snowman says:

    Any one who followed the Round-a-bout build and the Home Hardware build at the same time would be well aware of how a
    couple of suits from MTO can ” make a career” out of an issue that should be looked after in a few months.
    The simplest request for these guys can take months,and they will do everything in their power to slow it down, including silly design changes on “their” roadway that make sense only to them.. It’s like watching paint dry.
    Good move by the county.

  15. Marnie says:

    Lots of complaints about the lack of housing in Picton as well as the lack of development needed to attract new residents. A project to create 350 housing units is proposed and now we complain once again. How can council win? It’s important to get the facts but equally necessary to be positive.

  16. Chuck says:

    So persons who bought homes on the “Loyalist Parkway” in this stretch being asked to be downloaded will no longer be located on the Parkway. Interesting implications. The Mayor is reported as being excited about shovels being ready to break ground for a 350 home subdivision. Why are we not aware of this or the issues the present Highway presents?

  17. Susan says:

    We do need a whole lot more transparency on this. Taxpayers need to be able to provide input. We just had a Council that did not understand the downloading of farm land taxes on residential until the public got them up to speed. The Wellington Times thankfully is providing some pertinent information on things that many would not be aware of. Such things as the Council Chair of the Water Wastewater Committee shutting down questions by a community member. The possibility of water & wastewater connections jumping to $18,000. Let’s get the whole package of information on this proposed Highway downloading out to the ratepayers. Too much secrecy here!

  18. Gary says:

    An idea Paul. I just don’t why we would have to download a 4 lane highway onto the taxpayer in order to get an entrance to a subdivision. Dennis mentions Home Hardware and wondering how that happened. Something is amiss here and the constituents should be provided more information on this. Has to be more than an entrance/exit issue as that happens off of Highways all the time. Why can’t we have all the info on this prior to being saddled with a major road takeover. Things can be negotiated just like the OPP being allowed to build on prime agriculture land while County residents cannot.

  19. Paul Cole says:

    Extending Rogers St. could be an option as well couldn’t it ?

  20. Gary says:

    I want to know why an entrance/exit and provision of services is an issue with the present Highway 33 designation?

  21. Dennis Fox says:

    The numbers don’t tell the story – not if they strike the same deal as they have with Sandbanks Homes. Didn’t they get an 85% reduction in their connection fees – and who is paying for those connections? What I am asking for is for the public to be told what the financial aspects are around this request to take over that portion of the provincial highway, including who pays for what. I can support such a development, provided that the cost benefit is for the taxpayer – which at this point we can only hope for. It would also be helpful if the public were told who the developer is. Why is this announcement being made without explaining the basics to the public? It just doesn’t inspire one to feel part of what could be a good news story.

    The obvious question that needs to be answered is – as explained on the Quinte News site, if our Mayor has already been refused by the province for this request – why is he announcing this request after the fact? I don’t understand what process is being followed and maybe that is the problem – the public need more information than what they have now.

  22. Gary Mooney says:

    The County is working with a developer on a 350-unit subdivision behind Stormy’s. This would increase the population of Picton by as much as 20%, resulting in a significant increase in the tax base and a reduction in water and sewer rates.

  23. Dennis Fox says:

    I just read on another local news site that our mayor explained that they are working with a developer who would like to build a 350 unit subdivision on the Jenkins farm behind Stormy’s. Admittedly, no one knows the details nor what commitments have been made by this developer – but we should be cautious. Why would a developer pick a building site with no road access and no doubt difficult infrastructure access as well – and then expect the province to turn over their property to do it? But bottom line – what will this cost the taxpayers and who will pay the bill to connect to water and sewer?

  24. Dennis Fox says:

    Let’s hope that whatever development is being planned, that it will pay for itself for the next 50 years or more. The potential cost of maintaining approximately another 2km of road with the infrastructure, could be quite a large bill. So how did Home Hardware manage to build without having to buy the road from the province?

  25. Gary says:

    How does a Provincial Hwy as in 33 present obstacles for the development of a subdivision? I would just like to understand. All kinds of homes were built on Hwy 62 just north of Ben Gill with many road entrances. How is this different? Curious.

  26. Emily says:

    What are the proposed developments on this stretch of highway which is primarily residential and prime ag land?

  27. Chuck says:

    Perhaps the MTO will look at this as an opportunity to dump all of Hwy 33 upon the County. Then we have another Cty Rd. 49 nightmare. We need to really be careful with this and understand the associated costs beyond.

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